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Bill De Herder has started a web series about writing

Bill De Herder, author of Creative Wordsmithing and The Omega Principle, has started a vlog all about his unique perspective on writing. He aims to use elements from Creative Wordsmithing to show how creative writing can be broken down into manageable pieces all writers can learn from.

Visit Bill’s blog, Adventures and Misdirections, for updates and more information.

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Dinner with Doppelgangers is ready to go!


Dinner with Doppelgangers: A True Story of Madness and Recovery by Colleen Wells is finally together and ready to send out to the printer!

Wordpool Press will open its bookstore for pre-orders on March 14th!

The book is set to release by April 11th.

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The Wordpool Press CharacterMark Bookmark Pack is on Etsy!

bookmark ad for website

The Wordpool Press Bookmark Pack is now available in the Wordpool Press Bookstore and Etsy.

Grab a pack before they run out!

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Wordpool Press is rolling out their own bookmarks

bookmark ad for website

Wordpool Press now has their very own fun line of bookmarks, sold in a pack of 10 for $5. Now you can hold your spot with a little more personality. Available for order in the Wordpool Press Bookstore.

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Seventh of Eleven is at the printer!


After spending weeks on editing and layout,Dorothy Sabean’s  Seventh of Eleven has finally been sent off to the printer! We are very excited to see our first book in print. We were very lucky to come across such a talented artist and story teller. Dorothy’s book was the perfect first project for us, and we had a blast working on it. It won’t be long before we can mail out all of our pre-ordered copies.


If you haven’t ordered a copy of Seventh of Eleven yet, pre-order now before the price goes up.

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