Dinner with Doppelgangers is now available for pre-order!


“A must read for anyone experiencing or living with someone who is diagnosed with a mental health disorder.” – Alison Leslie, LCSW, Bloomington, Indiana

Available now for pre-order, Dinner with Doppelgangers: A True Story of Madness and Recovery by Colleen Wells will be released on April 11th 2015. Pre-order today to secure a copy of this funny, insightful book.

Pre-orders can be made only through the Wordpool Press Bookstore.

In beautifully crafted prose, Dinner with Doppelgangers is the true story of one woman’s struggle with profound depression and mania, the hallmarks of bipolar disorder. With highs, lows, and hospital visits blurred by medications, the poetic text explores in uncompromising honesty how mental illness can affect family, friends, and self. Wells tackles this complicated issue with a magnetic grace that easily pulls readers along. Fall inside her madness, and catch a powerful glimpse of life with mental illness.

Visit the Dinner with Doppelgangers website here!

Watch the book trailer here!

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