IN THE WORKS – Creative Wordsmithing: The Tools of the Creative Writing Trade

Wordpool Press will soon be publishing their first ebook! Available exclusively in digital format, Creative Wordsmithing: The Tools of the Creative Writing Trade, written by Bill De Herder, takes a new approach to learning how to write creatively. New writers will find it accessibly written, while also offering insights even experienced authors can benefit from.

Front cover

Learn how professional writers build novels from the ground up with Creative Wordsmithing. In depth, carefully dissected analyses with extensive examples examine the tricks and tools behind plot, phrasing, details, organization, characterization, and much, much more. With a friendly style accessible by all, Creative Wordsmithing employs a new strategy never before used to understand the unruly beast of creative writing: The principles of genre analysis, which is a technique Applied Linguists use to break down academic writing in a scientific way. Creative Wordsmithing informs its readers with unique, exacting details of how books are written, and insight into how to create a strong draft, right from the first sentence.

Bill De Herder, the author of Creative Wordsmithing, has also written The Omega Priniciple, the corporate adventure forthcoming from Wordpool Press.

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