Advanced Praise for The Omega Principle by Bill De Herder

The Omega Principle by Bill De Herder is forthcoming from Wordpool Press, and has already garnered some advanced praise.

FRONT COVER“The Omega Principle ​accomplishes something few novels are capable of: combining a fast-paced, compelling futuristic story with a cast of characters we’ll recognize as being very much like the people we know. Protagonist Forde Mitchum, while committed to a job that will both shock and fascinate his readers, becomes confused about the purpose and validity of what he does for a living. His journey to discover the truth about the ether he collects makes the novel one of those books readers simply won’t be able to put down.”

– Rebecca Thaddeus, author of One Amber Bead and Coming to Be

The Omega Principle is an exciting mélange of crime thriller and sci-fi. The narrative pulsates with energy and resonates with rich characters, gentle humor, and touch of film noir. Bill De Herder sustains a lively pace while exploring the weighty themes of the inevitability of death, fate, and corruption. All of this makes for a great read.”

– Andy Kantar, author of Black November and Deadly Voyage

“In The Omega Principle, De Herder imagines a world where Forde Mitchum, a man with with a death wish, is approached and asked if he’d like to become a reaper of the dead. What follows is a murder mystery that will keep you turning the page (or scrolling, if that’s your thing) late into the night. For Forde Mitchum, reaping souls is a job that pays the bills, but when he starts asking questions and getting nowhere, he starts looking for the answers and isn’t happy with what he finds. Where do the souls go after he drops them off at the office? What is destiny, really? Is it fixed? Is it even real? What happens when his number’s up? What happens when the cops want to question him for murder? De Herder takes his readers on a journey and has them laughing at death at every turn. Often wry, always clever, and able to tackle the most serious and universal questions with ease, De Herder constructs and addresses the kind of mystery that’s always occupying our imagination, but we never talk about. What happens when you die?”

– Saul Lemerond, author of Kafabe & Other Stories

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