Author Profile – Dorothy Sabean


The author of Wordpool Press’ first book, Seventh of Eleven, Dorothy Sabean is an artist/writer working and living in St. Petersburg, FL. She attended Massasoit Community College in Brockton, MA, and the University of Massachusetts Boston. After a 35-year career in medical transcription, her trade was usurped by “smart” software in 2010. Having been outgunned by Dragon speech recognition, Dee did the only thing left to do: she started over.

With the support of her husband, Gary Davis, she took her lifelong dream of being a full-time artist and brought it to fruition. Her artistic outlets include painting on canvas, creating a 12-foot-tall walking puppet, and lighting up city streets with 10’ x 10’ pastel murals at chalk festivals throughout the southeastern U.S. In 2013, the artist decided to pool all of her aesthetic, literary, and nostalgic interests into one endeavor, an illustrated memoir. The Murphy Project began as an art installation, and, as art is wont to do, the final result revealed itself as a book. She is delighted to learn that she can tell an engaging story in both the visual and literary genres. In their off time, Dee and Gary practice hot yoga, hike nature trails, visit with family and friends, and bicycle along beautiful Tampa Bay in their hometown of St. Pete.

Some of Dorothy Sabean’s art is available to view at:

Her book, Seventh of Eleven, is available for order through Wordpool Press.

You can also like Dorothy Sabean on Facebook, as well as like Seventh of Eleven on Facebook.



One thought on “Author Profile – Dorothy Sabean

  1. Arlene says:

    One of the most enjoyable books I have read in ages. The pictures brought to mind through Dorothy’s written word are like watching a movie. So many of her experiences are so familiar to those of us on the tail end of the boomer generation. It’s a must read!!!!


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